Management Analyst for Skyward Automotive Products LLC. Bachelor Degree in Business Management or Business Administration or Foreign equivalent. Rsm to H.R. at 105 S 84th Avenue, Suite A, Tolleson, AZ 8535

Job duties:

Conduct, direct, and present detailed comprehensive reports on studies, research, analysis, and project based on information gathered in car parts international trading industry; Coordinate and oversee day-to-day administrative functions including but not limited to commodity management, customer service and/ or billing, and accounts payable and/ or receivable to evaluate programs and services from an operational and productivity standpoint thus simultaneously directing various work activities consistent with business management goals and priorities; Maintain and organize business administrative and/ or management documents including but not limited to division policies, procedures, rates, rules, regulations, forms, notices, and webpage content applying computer software applications to maintain accurate records of activities; Develop solutions and alternative business management practices and recommend new systems, procedures, and/ or organizational changes based on principles and techniques of business management and short and long range organizational planning; Monitor and ensure timely compliance with regulatory matters and reporting requirements and prepare staff reports, agenda items, and resolutions applying state, federal and local laws and regulations.