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SKP Belts, Tensioners, and Pulleys

SKP Belts, Tensioners and Pulleys, equipped with friction-reduced bearings, our belt tensioner assemblies, pulleys, and idlers will help engines perform at optimal efficiency extending service intervals as a result. SKP Grip-Rite belts utilize reinforced EPDM for increased flexibility to reduce wear with heavy duty applications.

SKP Control Arms

SKP control arms all feature weatherproof coating for long-term resistance to corrosion and increased durability exceeding the performance of original equipment as a high-value Aftermarket alternative.

SKP Chassis & Suspension Parts

Our suspension components, which include sway bars, ball-joints, tie-rods are made with fatigue-tested materials to resist deformation and degradation. The increased structural Integrity and improved handling as a result enhances the driving experience.

SKP Hub Bearings, Wheel Hubs, Knuckles, and Calipers

We offer labor-saving solutions with Loaded Knuckles for the most common vehicles on the road in addition to the individual components. All hub bearing assemblies are ISO 9000 certified for consistency.

SKP Ignition Coils

SKP Ignition Coils provide higher voltage triggering for better spark plug ignitability, resulting in better fuel efficiency and dependable engine performance.

SKP Motor and Transmission Mounts

Our Transmission Mounts, Engine Mounts, Torque, and Torsion Bar Mounts are fitted with improved rubber components whether that be polyurethane, neoprene, or nitrile, each designed to insulate and improve NVH characteristics, outlasting the typical life of their stock counterparts.

SKP Spark Plugs

Our Iridium-Pro spark plugs feature Iridium tips with solid copper cores for the ideal balance between performance and longevity even under high-stress conditions.

SKP Water Pumps

Precision machine cut for consistency and ideal flow, with improved impellers together with forged housings make for quiet and reliable operation.

SKP Cooling, HVAC, Blower Motors, Thermostats, Radiator Caps, and Fan Assemblies

SKP Cooling, HVAC, Blower Motors, and Fan Assemblies utilize glass-filled polymers for added warp resistance, balanced for quiet operation. Every drive should be enjoyable, and we accomplish this by offering the full range of components needed for optimal and reliable power delivery and temperature regulation.

SKP Engine Management

SKP Engine management can resolve a wide range of common issues, whether that be a worn-out MAF sensor due to moisture or corrosion or clearing a check engine light for emissions. Rust-resistant stainless steel and aluminum components are designed to withstand extreme temperature and pressure changes no matter the environment.

SKP Radiator Fan Assemblies

SKP radiator fan assemblies and thermostat housings are our way of helping vehicles stay operational by replacing worn or fraying harnesses along with the whole shroud assembly, it simplifies the repair and since plastics become brittle and degraded over prolonged use, we have aluminum thermostat housings to upgrade and extend the functional life of the engine.